The life force

The life force

Ancient Egyptians believed that everyone had a Ka!

The Egyptian soul was thought to have three parts, the K’s, the Ba & the Akh. The Ka was the life force believed to live within the body during life & survive it following death...

Osiris, the god of the dead and rebirth A Ka (meaning life force) was one of the essential parts of a human being and it gave individuality in both a force of physical life and a force of thought. The word Ka was written with a pair of upright arms.

The Ka of a king or queen was a divine element, inherited from their fore fathers, or in the case of a non born royal, it was gifted by the gods. It was thought that it was the Ka that received the funerary offerings made for both an individual or the king. These were given while saying ‘for your Ka’.

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The Egyptians imagined the afterlife to be like the world of the living, with towns, waterways and agricultural lands that needed tending. There was even a king, the god Osiris who determined who would enter his realm. Elaborate rituals were required to achieve access to his kingdom. The body was preserved by mummification so that their Ka could receive offerings of nourishment and it would then exist for eternity.

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