Tahini, a versatile condiment, dip or salad dressing

Tahini, a versatile condiment, dip or salad dressing

Tahini is a creamy paste made from sesame seeds. On its own it's quite tasteless but it has so many delicious uses.

Tahini sauce is an ideal accompaniment to so many dishes. Tahini paste is mixed with lemon juice, garlic & water to a dip consistency & then drizzled over salad, kebabs, kofta & falafel. It's also delicious as a dip with just bread or vegetables.

Tahini is also a main ingredient in hummus, baba ganoush & foul medammas, giving them the creamy taste & texture that we all love.

Tahini is also used as an addition to the Egyptian sweet halawa. Halawa can be crumbled on bread, used as a topping for deserts or just eaten on its own.

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