The life of a king

The life of a king

Tutenkhamun & his queen lived a luxurious lifestyle in a palace in Memphis. The palace would have been decorated beautifully with brightly painted scenes on the walls, floors & ceilings.

Tutenkhamun was well educated & smart. His writing tools of palettes, reed pens & pen holders were found buried with him. We can understand how he lived & what he enjoyed, thanks to all of the objects found in his tomb. 

We know he liked vegetables & meat. Many spices were also found along with raw wheat & barley for making bread. The king had a sweet tooth, lots of honey, dates & other dessert fruits were also found.

Tutenkhamun liked to wear embroidered tunics & beaded shirts with sequins. Underwear was also found in his tomb. Many pairs of sandals were uncovered. These were made of leather & palm leaves & a lot of the sandals had images of enemies painted on the soles of them. This meant that the king would be stepping on the enemies of Egypt every time he walked.

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There were lots of clues about his relationship with his wife found inside the tomb. He loved Queen Ankhsenamun very much. There are many painted scenes showing them together. They had two unborn babies that were buried next to him in his tomb. The first does before she was born & the second died at birth.

Tutenkhamun loves sports such as hunting & fishing. He also enjoyed chariot racing & shooting arrows. He spent his free time playing board games such as senet & a games called twenty squares. 

There are many scenes showing showing Tutenkhamun fighting his enemies. However, the images are not enough to tell us the reality. There was always a great story behind every picture painted!

Tutenkhamun remains one of the most mysterious, & widely studied, Pharaohs from ancient Egypt. We know his story mainly from the items that were found in Tutankhamun's tomb (KV62). There are still so many speculations about his life. 

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