Egyptian food to stimulate your senses

Egyptian food to stimulate your senses

Egypt is not only famous for its history & great monuments, it's also famous for its great food. The flavours in Egyptian foods are taken from cultures around the world & they will stimulate all of your senses. The Egyptian kitchen is a place of great flavours and wonderful aromas. Richly seasoned vegetables, meats and rice are used to make delicious meals for the family.

You can find here ten of the most traditional dishes which you must try on your visit to Egypt:

1mahshi - vegetables stuffed with rice (squashes, egg plants, green pepper, rice wrapped in cabbage leaves or grape leaves),

2molokhiya / molokhia- made of jute, a green spinach-like vegetable. Egyptians prepare the soup from young jute leaves with garlic and a meat stock, turning it into a thick consistency soup which is best served over rice,

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3tameya / falafel – made of crushed chick peas or broad bean with sesame, which is then deep fried. Perfect for vegetarians, 

4ful/ fuol madames - it is a paste made of cooked broad bean, flavored with cumin and coriander, sprinkled with olive oil and green lemon juice. Originally buried in a pot underground to cook it is ideally served with local flat bread “balady”,

5baba ghanoug – a smokey flavoured paste made from grilled egg plant, mixed with tahina, lemon juice and olive oil. The whole dish is flavoured with garlic and cumin,

6koshary – a dish made of pasta, rice and lentils, sprinkled with caramelised onion, served with spicy or mild tomato sauce,

7hawawshi - a sandwich made of flat local bread (balady) with a spiced mince beef filling,

8tahini – sesame pate flavoured with lemon juice and garlic,

9kofta - minced beef or lamb with spices, rolled onto a skewer and barbecued over coals,

10. fattah – made of layers of rice and fried bread, covered in a garlic and vinegar meat soup. Large chunks of stewed beef are usually served along with the rice and bread base. 

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