Museum of the New Valley in Kharga oasis

The New Valley Museum in Kharga collects relics found in the Kharga and Dahla oases and the Western Desert. They come from different periods: from prehistoric times to the Islamic period. Already in front of the entrance there are richly decorated anthropidal coffins from the Late Period (8th-4th century BC) and the Greco-Roman period (4th century BC - 4th century AD). Next to them lie gilded mummy masks.

The collection is presented in chronological order. On the ground floor, you can see, among other things, prehistoric tools, beads, shells and even ostrich eggs - all found in the Western Desert. Objects intended for funerals are presented here. Among them there are blind doors - a stone stele imitating a real door, in front of which sacrifices were made to the deceased and in front of which his soul was to contact the world of the living. It belonged to a dignitary named Chent-Ka, who lived in the period of the XXIV-XXIII centuries BC.

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Glass in the form of bottles and jewelry, as well as ceramics and coins are souvenirs from the Roman Period. The most valuable of these are the Codes of Kellis - three wooden "notebooks" written in Greek and Coptic, which contain, among other things, a list of bills and payments.

The exhibits that can be viewed on the second floor are related to two religions that are essential for the oasis of Kharga: Christianity and Islam. Among them are icons, books, jewelry and textiles decorated with floral motifs.

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