National Museum of Alexandria

In a small but well organized museum, you can learn all about the history of not only Alexandria but the whole of Egypt. Before they found their place, all the exhibits were scattered in the warehouses of many museums in Cairo and Alexandria. Among the monuments from the pharaonic period of Egyptian history (from the Old Kingdom to the Later Period), you will see, among others, the statue of the pharaoh Mykerinos, the owner of the smallest pyramid in Giza, and the head of the colossal statue of the pharaoh Akhenaten. A replica of one of the royal tombs from the Valley of the Kings with a mummy and full equipment is also on show and attracts a lot of attention. It includes canopic urns in which the internal organs from the body before mummification were kept, an anthropoid sarcophagus and figurines of the servants of the world beyond.

Neither the pharaonic nor the Greco-Roman monuments overshadow those excavated from the Mediterranean. Among them is, the statue of the priest serving in the temple of Isis, the goddess of magic, made of black basalt, as well as a granite figure of Isis, which is over two meters high.

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In the rooms dedicated to the Copts and Islam, valuable icons of Jesus and Mary and icons depicting the Last Supper are displayed. There are also fabrics decorated with a cross motif, censers from churches and mosques, Arabic ceramics, wooden mashrabiya (azure curtains on windows) and gold and silver Islamic coins cast in Alexandria.

In the basement there is a computer room where visitors can take a virtual tour of the museum. This gives you the opportunity to look at each item from all angles. The whole thing is completed with an open-air amphitheater, which hosts lectures, performances and exhibitions in the evenings.

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