The Imhotep Museum in Saqqara

The Imhotep Museum is located in the Saqqara necropolis complex, near Memphis. The idea of creating such an archaeological museum appeared in 1990, however, the project wasn’t started until 1997. Eventually, the whole construction was completed in 2003. The museum was officially opened on April 26th 2006 by the wife of the then President, Mrs Suzanne Mubarak and Mrs. Bernadette Chirac.

The museum takes its name after the first ancient Egyptian to build a monumental structure out of stone (Pharaoh Djoser's step pyramid).

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The museum includes six large halls, in which masterpieces from Saqqara like a painted Greco-Roman mummy and a large double statue of High Priest, Amenemopet and his wife, can be admired by visitors. The prize exhibits include a coffin belonging to Imhotep and some green faience panels from the tomb of Djoser. In the other halls there are also various archaeological finds; statues made of wood and stone, tools, wall ornaments and objects used during funerals. The last hall is dedicated to French Egyptologist, Jean Philippe Lauer.

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