The Nubian Museum in Aswan

The aim of the exhibition at the Nubian Museum is to showcase the history and culture of Lower Nubia, which was flooded by Lake Nasser. The exhibition is perfectly arranged, and the monuments, charts and photos have descriptions in both Arabic and English. Anyone who visits the Egyptian Museum in Cairo will be surprised by such attention to detail. The exhibition is organized in chronological order: from prehistoric to modern times. Some of the relics are placed outside the showcases and used in ethnographic scenes - the purpose of which is to present the use of the items.

The garden is an important part of the Nubian Museum. An open-air museum was organized there. You can see here, among others, a reconstructed typical Nubian house with furnishings, as well as a grotto with prehistoric frescoes. 

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The most important attraction, however, is the megalithic calendar, which is a faithful copy of the building from Nabta Playa (the most important prehistoric religious center in North Africa). The stone solar calendar was used to mark the north and sunrise on the day of the summer solstice with the help of small boulders. They form a circle with a diameter of about 5 meters. The ranks of the other steles point to important constellations.

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