What clothing should I pack to Egypt?

A visit to Egypt is on most peoples to do list. However, as you will be spending lots of time doing many different things, for example: visiting the magnificent monuments, sampling local culture, and lazing on the sun deck of a Nile Cruise ship, the question that people ask is, what should I pack? 

The days are hot but the mornings and the nights can be cold especially in winter, so you need to make sure that you cover all activities and temperatures. Here is a list of clothes that should be packed in a suitcase if you are planning your trip to Egypt

Lightweight clothing that you can layer is best... then you can dress up or down according to the weather.

100% cotton trousers and long skirts (midi/maxi) - synthetic materials will make you sticky and uncomfortable.

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Tops that cover your shoulders and do not show cleavage. Exposing upper and lower arms is fine unless you are visiting a mosque or a church. 

Comfortable shoes for walking – when visiting monuments and temples there is uneven ground and hot sand to contend with.

Good sunglasses to stop the glare from the hot sun.

A wide-brimmed hat is a good idea to keep the sun and sweat out of your eyes.

A scarf or pashmina has many uses. You can cover your head or shoulders in the daytime heat and keep warm in the winter evenings.

Bikinis and beach wear for the pool side and beach.

In winter, between the months of November and March the nights can be chilly so bring warm clothing.

A rucksack is essential to carry your water, sunscreen and camera to capture the memories from your trip.

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