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The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum was established in 1835 by the Egyptian government. Initially, it was located near the Ezbekeya Garden in Cairo, its location was changed multiple times to end up in the current location in Midan al-Tahrir in Downtown Cairo. The museum houses the largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities and there are over 120,000 items displayed for general view. It is therefore the biggest museum in the region.

Inside the building there is a ground floor and a first floor. On each floor there is a great collection of different items used in Ancient Egypt. There are pieces of papyrus and coins and artefacts amongst the smaller items. Other valuable items that can be seen in the museum are; sarcophagi, statues and many items coming from Pharaohs and their tombs. Certain parts of museum are under constant watch and can be entered only through a security point. A visit to the museum is a must whilst in Cairo.