An Inside Guide to Cairo - a local's guide to visiting Cairo

An Inside Guide to Cairo - a local's guide to visiting Cairo

An Authentic Cairo Travel Guide By People Who Know the City

Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, is a vibrant and bustling metropolis that offers a unique blend of historical wonders, cultural treasures, and modern attractions. With its rich history spanning thousands of years, Cairo is a city that showcases the grandeur of ancient civilizations, alongside the energy of modern contemporary lifestyles. In this authentic Cairo travel guide, we will provide you with insights, recommendations and significant Cairo travel tips from locals who know the city best. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a food lover, or an adventurer seeking new and exciting experiences, Cairo has something for everyone.

Brief Overview of Cairo's Historical and Cultural Significance

Cairo is a bustling metropolis that's full of energy and also has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The city is situated on the banks of the iconic Nile River and is home to over 20 million people, making it one of the largest cities in Africa and the Middle East. Cairo's historical and cultural significance attracts numerous tourists from around the world, seeking to explore its ancient wonders and immerse themselves in its unique atmosphere.

Cairo is renowned for its archaeological treasures, with the most famous being the Giza Necropolis, located on the outskirts of the city. Here, you can marvel at the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, along with the Great Sphinx and several other smaller pyramids. These ancient structures provide a glimpse into the grandeur and architectural prowess of the ancient Egyptians.

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The city is also home to numerous historic mosques, including the iconic Al-Azhar Mosque and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, both of which showcase stunning Islamic architecture and serve as important religious and cultural landmarks. 

Other notable attractions include the Egyptian Museum, which houses a vast collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, and the Coptic district of Cairo, where you can explore ancient Christian churches and visit the Hanging Church, one of the oldest churches in Egypt.

In terms of cultural experiences; Cairo offers a vibrant street life, bustling markets, and a diverse culinary scene. The city's bazaars, such as Khan El Khalili, are a treasure trove of traditional crafts, spices, and are a great place to buy souvenirs from your trip to Cairo.

Visitors can also enjoy traditional Egyptian cuisine in Cairo, from street food delights like falafel and koshary to sumptuous dishes like kofta and stuffed grape leaves.

Overall, Cairo is a city that offers a unique blend of ancient wonders and modern vibrancy. With its historical and cultural significance, it continues to be a captivating destination for travelers seeking an immersive experience in the heart of Egypt. 

Best Time to Visit Cairo

When planning your trip to Cairo, it's important to consider various factors, such as weather and peak season. In this Cairo travel guide, we will provide you with necessary Cairo travel tips and information to help you make the most of your visit.
Weather-wise, the best time to visit Cairo is during the cooler months, between October and April when temperatures are more comfortable for sightseeing. The winter months (December to February) tend to be mild, with daytime temperatures ranging from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius (59 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit). Spring and autumn are also pleasant with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius (68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit).

The best time to visit Cairo, Egypt, coinciding with its peak season, is during the cooler months of autumn (October to November) and spring (March to April). During these times, the weather is more temperate, making it more comfortable for outdoor activities and exploration. The scorching heat of the summer months can make sightseeing and outdoor excursions challenging and uncomfortable.
In Cairo, temperatures during the peak season range from around 20 to 30 degrees Celsius (68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit), providing a pleasant climate for exploring the city's iconic landmarks, such as the Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, and the Citadel of Saladin. These months also offer clearer skies, making it an ideal time for taking photographs and enjoying panoramic views from sites like the Cairo Tower or rooftop restaurants.
Additionally, during the peak season, there are various cultural and religious festivals taking place in Cairo, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the city. The Cairo International Film Festival, the Cairo Jazz Festival, and the Spring Festival are just a few events that attract visitors from around the world.
It is worth noting that peak season in Cairo also means larger crowds and higher prices for accommodation and flights. Therefore, it is advisable to book your accommodation and plan your Cairo itinerary well in advance to secure the best deals and availability.

How to Get Around the City

Cairo offers several transportation options for getting around and exploring its rich history and cultural attractions. Whether you prefer public transportation, rideshares like Uber, or taxis, renting a car, or joining a guided tour, there are various ways to navigate the city of Cairo conveniently. Our Cairo travel guide will help you plan your trip and move around the city in the best way to suit your requirements:
Public Transportation
Cairo has an extensive public transportation system that includes buses, microbuses, and the metro. The metro is a popular choice for locals offering a fast and efficient way to travel within the city. It covers key areas and landmarks, including Downtown Cairo, Giza, Coptic Cairo, Ma'adi, Zamalek/Gezira, and Heliopolis. However, the Cairo metro is not a great choice for tourists due to the crowds. Buses are available, providing access to different neighborhoods and attractions. However, be prepared for crowded conditions during peak hours. Cairenes use the private microbus - a small van with 12 or so seats. No destinations are marked, which can make them hard to use at first. But they are cheap, and quite useful for major routes. Locals use coded hand gestures to communicate their destination to passing microbuses. If the van has a free seat, it will stop. Fares vary according to distance, and are paid after you take your seat. This often requires passing your money to passengers ahead and receiving your change in the same way. We do not recommend this means of transport to tourists because you need to know the city and the Arabic language to be able use it.
Rideshares and Taxis
Uber and DiDi are widely available in Cairo, providing a convenient and reliable option for getting around. It's advisable to download the relevant app on your smartphone before arriving in Cairo. Traditional taxis are also abundant, although it's essential to negotiate the fare in advance or ensure the driver uses the meter.
Renting a Car
Renting a car in Cairo can give you more flexibility and independence to explore the city and its surrounding areas. However, keep in mind that traffic in Cairo can be chaotic, and driving can be challenging, especially for those unfamiliar with the local driving culture. It's important to obtain an international driving permit and familiarize yourself with Egyptian traffic laws and regulations before hiring a car.
Join a Tour
Consider booking a guided tour, for example with Inside Egypt - a reputable Cairo travel agency, to make the most of your trip. We can help you navigate the city, arrange transportation, and provide valuable insights into the local culture and history. Whether you prefer a private tour of Egypt or a group excursion, there are numerous options we offer to suit everyone.

Cairo offers a range of transportation options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you choose public transportation, rideshares, taxis, renting a car, or joining a guided tour, you can comfortably explore the vibrant city, its historical landmarks, and immerse yourself in its rich culture. Don't forget to plan your Cairo itinerary in advance to make the most of your trip to Egypt's captivating capital. 

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Cairo's Must-See Attractions

As one of the largest cities in Africa, Cairo boasts a plethora of must-see attractions that will captivate any traveler. Whether you're planning a short visit or an extended vacation in Cairo, Egypt, in this Cairo travel guide you will learn some essential Cairo travel tips and you will find a suggested itinerary to make the most of your trip to Cairo, Egypt. The capital of Egypt, with its iconic pyramids and ancient landmarks, is a dream destination for history enthusiasts. Start your exploration with a visit to the Giza Plateau, where you can marvel at the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Sphinx, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure. These ancient wonders will transport you back in time and leave you in awe of their architectural brilliance.

To delve deeper into Egypt's rich history, a trip to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square is a must. This world-renowned museum houses an extensive collection of ancient artifacts and treasures, including the renowned Tutankhamun's funerary mask. Take your time to wander through the museum exploring the exhibits and learning about Egypt's fascinating past.

Tourists visiting Cairo should definitely include the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) in their Cairo itinerary. This impressive modern museum offers a unique and immersive experience that showcases the rich history and cultural heritage of Egypt. While the museum houses a wide range of artifacts and exhibits, one of its main attractions is undoubtedly the collection of royal mummies. The royal mummies exhibit at the NMEC provides visitors with a rare opportunity to come face-to-face with the ancient pharaohs and queens of Egypt. This collection includes the mummified remains of some of Egypt's most famous rulers, such as Ramses II, Seti I, and Hatshepsut.

No visit to Cairo is complete without experiencing the bustling Khan El Khalili bazaar. This vibrant marketplace is a sensory delight, offering a wide array of spices, textiles, jewelry, and handicrafts. Stroll through the narrow alleys, haggle with the friendly shopkeepers, and soak in the lively atmosphere of this historic bazaar.

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For a peaceful escape from the city's hustle and bustle, head to Al-Azhar Park. This beautifully landscaped park provides stunning views of Cairo's skyline and is an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll or a picnic. Take a break from sightseeing and savor traditional Egyptian cuisine at a charming restaurant in the park.

When planning your Cairo itinerary, keep in mind that the city offers much more than just historical sites. Explore the cosmopolitan neighborhoods of Islamic Cairo, where you can admire stunning mosques and historic architecture like the Alabaster Mosque located in the Citadel of Saladin. Visit the Coptic Quarter to discover ancient churches like the Hanging Church and the Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church and learn about Egypt's Christian heritage.

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Cairo is also home to several palaces and mansions that provide a glimpse into Egypt's royal and aristocratic history, allowing visitors to explore the lavish lifestyles of the country's past rulers. Some of the notable palaces and mansions you can visit in Cairo include:
Abdeen Palace
Located in the heart of Cairo, Abdeen Palace was the official residence of Egypt's royal family until the 1952 revolution. The palace features exquisite European and Ottoman architectural styles and houses a vast collection of art, furniture, and historical artifacts.The palace is no longer open to the public, but you can visit the Abdeen Palace Museum that showcases the opulent lifestyle of the former monarchs.
Manial Palace
Built by Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik, the Manial Palace is a stunning example of Islamic architecture mixed with European influences. Situated on Rhoda Island in the Nile River, the palace boasts beautiful gardens, intricate woodwork, colorful ceramics, and a vast collection of royal possessions. It offers visitors a chance to explore the lifestyle of the Egyptian royal family during the early 20th century.
Baron Empain Palace
This distinctive palace, also known as the "Hindu Palace," was constructed by Belgian industrialist Baron Empain in the early 20th century. It combines Indian, Khmer, and French architectural styles, creating a unique and eye-catching structure. The Palace of Baron Empain is worth seeing for its intricate detailing and unusual design.

The architectural styles and designs of these palaces are unique and fascinating, combining various influences and showcasing the artistic craftsmanship of the periods in which they were built. These sites offer a serene escape from the bustling city, often surrounded by lush gardens and beautiful landscapes, providing a tranquil and picturesque setting for visitors to enjoy.

If time permits, take a day trip to Memphis and Saqqara, where you can explore the ruins of ancient Egyptian cities and witness the Step Pyramid of Djoser, one of the world's oldest stone structures.

Tourists visiting Cairo should definitely consider including the Dahshur area in their Cairo itinerary. Located about 40 kilometers south of Cairo, Dahshur is home to two remarkable ancient pyramids - the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. These pyramids offer a unique and less crowded alternative to the more famous pyramids of Giza, making them a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and those seeking a more intimate and immersive experience.

Americans and other Western tourists visiting Cairo should also add the Fayoum Oasis tour in their itinerary, as it offers a unique and captivating experience. One of the prominent attractions in Fayoum is the Valley of the Whales, also known as Wadi El Hitan. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a true gem for paleontologists and nature enthusiasts. The fascinating Valley of the Whales is renowned for its exceptional fossils that provide valuable insights into the evolution of whales and the ancient marine ecosystem. It is an open-air museum that showcases a remarkable collection of fossilized remains, including complete skeletons of early whales and other marine creatures that lived on earth around 40 million years ago. The site offers a fascinating journey through time, allowing visitors to witness the gradual transition of whales from land-dwelling mammals to the magnificent marine creatures we know today.

Where and What to Eat 

Cairo offers a rich culinary experience that combines traditional Egyptian cuisine with international flavors. This Cairo travel guide is designed to help you discover where and what to eat in Egypt during your visit to Cairo, ensuring your taste buds are tantalized by the city's diverse and flavorful food offerings. 
Traditional Egyptian Cuisine
Indulge in authentic Egyptian dishes such as koshary, a popular street food made with rice, lentils, pasta, and topped with crispy onions and tangy tomato sauce. Don't miss out on trying ful medames, a nutritious dish consisting of fava beans cooked with herbs and spices. A unique dining experience for the more adventurous; savor the local delicacy of stuffed pigeon.
Egyptian Street Food
Explore the bustling streets of Cairo and sample delicious street food. Try ta'ameya, similar to falafel but made with fava beans, served with freshly baked bread and tahini sauce. Savor freshly squeezed sugarcane juice or try a refreshing glass of hibiscus drink known as karkadeh.
Rooftop Dining
Cairo boasts numerous rooftop restaurants offering stunning views of the city's landmarks like the Pyramids of Giza and the Nile River. Enjoy your meal while admiring the breathtaking sunset or the glittering city lights across the city.
International Cuisine
Cairo caters to diverse palates with its wide range of international cuisine. You'll find restaurants serving Italian, Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, and many other global flavors. Zamalek and Maadi neighborhoods are renowned for their eclectic dining scenes.
Cairo Food Markets
Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of Cairo's food markets. Khan El Khalili is a famous souk where you can explore spice shops, taste traditional sweets like baklava, and sip aromatic Egyptian tea. Don't forget to bargain for unique souvenirs and handcrafted items while you're there. 

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Shopping for Souvenirs in Cairo

When it comes to shopping for souvenirs in Cairo, Egypt, you're in for a treat! Cairo, the vibrant capital city of Egypt, offers a wide array of unique and culturally rich items that make perfect keepsakes to commemorate your trip. Here's our Cairo travel guide to help you make the most of your shopping experience in Cairo:

Egyptian Cotton Products
Egypt is renowned for its high-quality cotton, so purchasing Egyptian cotton products like bed sheets, towels, and clothing is a great option. Head to the Khan El Khalili market, one of Cairo's oldest bazaars, to find a variety of shops selling cotton products.
Papyrus Art
Papyrus is an ancient Egyptian material that was used for writing and artwork. You can find beautiful hand-painted papyrus artworks depicting scenes from ancient Egypt. The Papyrus Institute in Giza is a reputable place to purchase authentic papyrus art.
Handmade Jewelry
Egyptian jewelry is known for its intricate designs and use of precious stones. Visit the jewelry stores in Khan El Khalili or the Gold Market (Souk Al-Sagha) to find unique pieces crafted in gold, silver with semi-precious stones.
Traditional Crafts
Look for traditional crafts such as ceramics, pottery, and glassware. The Al-Azhar area in Old Cairo has several shops selling these items. You can also find a variety of crafts at the Egyptian Handicrafts Emporium or the Wekalet El-Balah market.
Perfumes and Essential Oils
Egypt has a long history of perfume production. Explore the Perfume Market (Souk Al-Attarine) in Khan El Khalili to discover a wide range of fragrances, essential oils, and perfumed oils.
Spices and Herbal Teas
Egyptian cuisine is known for its aromatic spices. Visit the Spice Market (Souk Al-Bisat) in Khan El Khalili to find an array of spices, including saffron, cumin, and cardamom. You can also find a variety of herbal teas and medicinal herbs.
Traditional Clothing
Traditional Egyptian clothing items, such as galabiyas (loose-fitting robes) and shawls, make for unique souvenirs. Souk Al-Ghuri, located near the famous Al-Azhar Mosque, is a good place to find traditional clothing.

Shopping for Egyptian souvenirs in Cairo can be a truly exciting and rewarding experience. The city offers a wide range of unique and traditional items that reflect the Egyptian culture and heritage. Remember to haggle when shopping in Cairo's markets, as it is a common practice. This will allow you to get a better deal on your purchases. 

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Cairo's Cultural Events 

Cairo is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and cosmopolitan arts scene. The city hosts a variety of festivals and cultural events throughout the year, showcasing both modern and traditional forms of artistic expression. Our Cairo travel guide includes some of the notable cultural events and festivals held in Cairo: 
Cairo International Film Festival (in the second half of November)
As one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in the Middle East and Africa, the Cairo International Film Festival attracts renowned filmmakers, actors, and cinema enthusiasts from around the world. It features a diverse selection of international and Egyptian films, competitions, and special screenings.
Cairo Opera House Summer Festival (August and beginning of September)
The Cairo Opera House is a prominent cultural institution that hosts a range of artistic performances throughout the year. During the summer months, the opera house organizes a festival that brings together various art forms, including opera, ballet, classical music, and theater, featuring local and international performers.
Cairo International Book Fair (in the last week of January)
The Cairo International Book Fair is the largest and oldest book fair in the Arab world. Held annually, it showcases a vast collection of books from different genres and countries, attracting publishers, authors, and book lovers from all over the world. The fair also includes literary seminars, discussions, and cultural events.
Cairo Jazz Festival (in the last week of October and the beginning of November)
The Cairo Jazz Festival is a platform for showcasing jazz and related music genres. It brings together renowned jazz musicians from Egypt, the region, and beyond to perform in various venues across the city. The festival also includes workshops, jam sessions, and masterclasses.
D-CAF - Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (March - April)
D-CAF is an annual multidisciplinary arts festival that takes place in downtown Cairo. It features a diverse program of contemporary art forms, including theater, dance, music, visual arts, film screenings, and performances. The festival aims to promote cultural exchange and engage with the urban environment.
Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater (at the beginning of September)
This festival focuses on avant-garde and experimental theater productions from Egypt and around the world. It provides a platform for innovative and boundary-pushing theatrical works, showcasing performances that challenge traditional norms and conventions.
These are just a few examples of the cultural events and festivals that take place in Cairo. The city's dynamic arts scene ensures there is always something for everyone, whether you're interested in film, literature, music, theater, or visual arts. 

Nightlife and Entertainment

Cairo is famous for its vibrant nightlife and a wide range of entertainment options. In this Cairo travel guide, you will find some popular activities and venues you can explore:
Nightclubs and Bars
Cairo has a thriving nightlife scene with numerous nightclubs and bars catering to various tastes. Zamalek, Maadi, and Downtown are popular areas for nightlife. Some well-known venues include Cairo Jazz Club, The Tap, Cavallini, and The Lemon Tree & Co.
Nile River Cruises
Experience the beauty of Cairo's cityscape lit up at night by taking a dinner cruise along the Nile River. You can enjoy a delicious meal, live music, and stunning views of iconic landmarks like the Cairo Tower, the illuminated bridges, and the lights of the city glistening on the water around you.
Live Music and Concerts
Cairo hosts a vibrant live music scene with performances by local and international artists. Venues such as El Sawy Culturewheel, Darb 1718, and Al-Azhar Park often host live music events, including jazz, rock, and traditional Egyptian music.
Shisha Lounges and Cafes
Shisha, or hookah, is a popular social activity in Cairo. You can find numerous shisha lounges and cafes throughout the city where you can relax, enjoy a flavorful tobacco blend, and socialize with friends.
Cultural Performances
Immerse yourself in Egyptian culture by attending traditional dance performances like the Whirling Dervishes (Sufi dance) or folk dances like the Tanoura. The Cairo Opera House is a prominent venue for classical music, ballet, opera, and theater performances.
Rooftop Bars and Restaurants
Cairo's skyline offers stunning views, and rooftop bars and restaurants are an excellent way to enjoy them. Some popular options include: The Roof at the Nile Ritz-Carlton, and Rooftop Lounge & Bar at the Kempinski Nile Hotel.
Street Food and Night Markets
Cairo comes alive at night with its vibrant street food scene. Explore the bustling streets and try local delicacies such as koshary, falafel, taameya (Egyptian falafel), and grilled meats. The Khan El Khalili bazaar is also a popular spot to wander through at night, offering a unique shopping experience.
Cinema and Theaters 
Cairo has several modern cinemas and theaters where you can catch the latest movies, Egyptian films, or stage performances. Cairo International Film Festival is a significant event for movie enthusiasts.

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Accommodation Options in Cairo 

Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, offers a wide range of accommodation options, including luxury 5-star hotels and Airbnbs. In our Cairo travel guide we shere some top accommodation choices, including the Marriott Mena House and the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at the First Residence, which are included in our small group Egypt tours as well as private tours around Cairo:
Marriott Mena House
Located near the Giza Pyramids, the Marriott Mena House is a historic 5-star hotel known for its luxurious ambiance and stunning views of the Great Pyramid. It offers elegant rooms, a range of dining options, a spa, and a pool.
Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at the First Residence
Situated in the upscale Giza district, this luxurious hotel provides a blend of modern comfort and Egyptian charm. It features stylish rooms, several restaurants, a spa, a fitness center, and a pool.

In addition to these prominent hotels, here are a few other 5-star hotels in Cairo that are often recommended:
The Nile Ritz-Carlton
Located in downtown Cairo, this hotel offers elegant rooms, multiple dining options, a spa, a fitness center, and views of the Nile River.
Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah 
Situated on Gezira Island, this hotel offers spacious rooms with Nile views, several restaurants, a spa, a fitness center, and a pool.
InterContinental Cairo Semiramis
Positioned on the banks of the Nile, this hotel features comfortable rooms, various dining options, a spa, a fitness center, and a rooftop pool.

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Is Cairo Safe for American Tourists?

Is it safe to travel to Cairo, Egypt? Our answer is a solid yes. Safety is a concern for many travelers, but Cairo is widely considered safe for Americans and other Western tourists. The Egyptian government has taken significant measures to enhance security in major tourist areas, such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, and the Nile River cruises, to ensure the safety of both local residents and tourists.
It is advisable for American tourists and other Western visitors to exercise caution and remain vigilant while traveling in Cairo, as you would in any large city across the world. In this Cairo travel guide we present some key points to consider:
Stay Informed
Before traveling to Cairo, it's important to check the latest travel advisories issued by your country's government. These advisories provide up-to-date information regarding the security situation in Cairo and can help you make informed decisions.
Avoid Demonstrations
Political demonstrations can occur in Cairo. It is recommended to avoid participating in or being near any demonstrations or large gatherings.
Be Cautious with Personal Belongings
Like in any major city, it's important to be mindful of your personal belongings and take necessary precautions against theft or pickpocketing. Keep your valuables secure and be aware of your surroundings, particularly in crowded areas.
Use Reputable Transportation 
When moving around the city, it's advisable to use reputable transportation options, such as licensed taxis or ride-sharing services. Avoid hailing taxis from the street and opt for those booked through official channels or reputable apps.
Respect Local Customs
Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country with its own cultural norms and values. It's important to respect local customs and dress modestly, particularly when visiting religious sites or conservative areas.
Seek Local Advice
If you have any concerns or questions about safety in Cairo, it can be helpful to seek advice from local authorities, your hotel staff, or official tourist information centers. They can provide you with accurate, location-specific information and guidance.

Cairo is safe for American tourists, and we offer specific Egypt tour packages for travelers from the USA. By staying informed, being vigilant, and following common-sense safety practices, American tourists and other Western visitors can have an enjoyable and safe experience in Cairo. 

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Benefits of Joining Cairo Egypt Tours

Due to significant cultural differences and language barrier, Cairo can be a difficult place to navigate on your own without prior experience and knowledge. Although the Internet has made it easier to obtain information, it is better to arrange your first trip to Cairo, Egypt through a travel agency located in Cairo. Joining Cairo Egypt tours with Inside Egypt is an excellent option, especially for first-time visitors as we offer numerous benefits that enhance the overall travel experience. Some of the key advantages of joining our Cairo Egypt tours include:
Access to Knowledgeable Guides
Cairo travel agencies, such as Inside Egypt provide experienced guides who are well-versed in the local history, culture, and attractions. These knowledgeable guides can offer valuable insights, answer questions, and provide a deeper understanding of the city. 
Organized Itinerary
Cairo Egypt tours come with a well-planned itinerary, which saves travelers the time and effort of researching and planning their own activities. An organized itinerary ensures that you can make the most of your time and visit the top attractions without any hassle.
Efficient Transportation
Traveling within Cairo can be challenging, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the local transportation system. Joining our Cairo Egypt tours includes transportation arrangements, which means you don't have to worry about navigating public transportation or finding your way around.
Safety and Security
Traveling with a reputable Cairo travel agency provides an added layer of safety and security. Tour operators are often well-informed about the local conditions, potential risks, and safety precautions. They can help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable Cairo trip.
Social Interaction and Networking
Joining a Cairo tour allows you to meet fellow travelers from around the world. It provides an opportunity to make new friends, share experiences, and create lasting memories together. This can be particularly beneficial for solo travelers or those who enjoy a more social travel experience.

Booking your tour with Inside Egypt - a reputable Cairo travel agency can offer additional advantages when organizing a private tour focused on Cairo. Some of the benefits of opting for a private tour with us include:
Customized Experience
Inside Egypt can tailor a Cairo tour to your specific interests and preferences, allowing you to explore Cairo based on your chosen attractions, and activities, all done at your desired pace. This personalized approach ensures that you get the most out of your visit to Cairo.
Cairo private tours offer greater flexibility in terms of timing and itinerary. Inside Egypt can work with you to create a schedule that accommodates your preferences, whether you want to spend more time at a particular site or include specific activities.
Exclusive Attention
With a private tour, you receive dedicated attention from the guide throughout the entire trip. This allows for a more intimate experience, personalized recommendations, and the ability to ask questions or delve deeper into specific aspects of Cairo's history and culture.
Local Expertise
The Inside Egypt's team's extensive knowledge of Cairo enables us to provide unique insights and recommendations that may not be available through standard tours. Our expertise can help you discover hidden gems, lesser-known attractions, and authentic local experiences.
Cairo VIP Experience
You don't have to be a president or even a celebrity to feel like a VIP and travel throughout Cairo in style when traveling with Inside Egypt. Inside Egypt offers Cairo Egypt tours with exclusive VIP experiences.
Our Cairo Egypt tours can include the following VIP experiences:
- Private Entry to the Giza Plateau - You can have special access to the Giza Plateau in the early morning hours when other tourists are not allowed to be there. All of this legendary space will be open just for you.
- Private Entry to the Great Pyramid - You can visit the Great Pyramid of Giza on your own without the crowds. You can also enter two chambers inside the pyramid, which are not accessible on standard Cairo Egypt tours!
- Special Access to the Great Sphinx Enclosure - While other tourists can only see the Sphinx from a distant terrace, you get to stand between the paws of the magnificent Sphinx. You can touch the Great Sphinx of Giza and take amazing photos close to it. Such a perspective is an amazing experience!

Joining the Cairo Egypt tour, particularly a private tour organized by Inside Egypt - Cairo travel agency, can offers a range of benefits including access to knowledgeable guides, an organized itinerary, efficient transportation, enhanced safety, social interaction, and a more tailored experience focused on Cairo. 

Cairo Travel Tips 

If you're planning a trip to Cairo, Egypt, here are some Cairo travel tips to help you make the most of your visit:
Visa Requirement
A visa is required for all guests traveling to Egypt. Check the visa requirements for your country before traveling to Cairo. Ensure you have the necessary documents and obtain your visa in advance if required.
Dress Code
Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country, and it's respectful to dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites. Both men and women should avoid wearing revealing clothing. It's also a good idea to carry a scarf or shawl to cover your shoulders and knees when needed.
The local currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). It's advisable to carry some cash with you for small expenses, as not all places accept credit cards. ATMs are widely available in Cairo, allowing you to withdraw cash in local currency. You can exchange currency at currency exchange offices and banks. You can check the current currency exchange rate according to the National Bank of Egypt here.
Arabic is the official language of Egypt. While English is spoken in tourist areas, it's helpful to learn a few basic Arabic phrases or carry a translation app to facilitate communication. Why not, learn a few words in Arabic with us before you travel.  
Photographing People
If you are taking a photograph of somebody, be sure to ask their permission. Particular in rural areas, Egyptians can be sensitive about having their picture taken, and it can sometimes lead to uncomfortable situations if you are not careful.
Visiting Mosques
Shoes must be removed before entering a mosque and there is often a shoe rack and shoe guardian at the door for this purpose. It is also essential that proper clothing is worn - people wearing shorts or sleeveless T-shirts may be refused admission or offered a shawl to cover up.
Respect Local Customs 
Egyptians are known for their hospitality and friendliness. Respect their culture and customs, and be mindful of local traditions and etiquette. It's common to greet people with "As-salamu alaykum" (peace be upon you) and reply with "Wa alaykum as-salam" (and peace be upon you).

Whether you're planning a short Cairo visit or an extended vacation, by following our Cairo travel tips you can enjoy a memorable vacation in Cairo, Egypt. 

We hope you enjoyed our Cairo travel guide and that you find it useful when embarking on a Cairo city tour in this vibrant, fascinating city on your trip to Cairo, Egypt. Our Cairo travel tips, essential for anyone planning a Cairo city tour, are from people living in Cairo, who know the city inside and out, giving you the best insight when joining our Cairo Egypt tours. The Cairo itinerary on our Cairo Egypt tours takes in the highlights of the city, and you can be sure to have an amazing time with Inside Egypt, a reputable Cairo travel agency. Many people ask, is Cairo safe for American tourists? You can certainly see from our Cairo travel guide, that the answer to this is most definitely yes. The Egyptian people will be happy to welcome you on your vacation in Cairo, Egypt, and will make your visit to Cairo, Egypt a memorable one.

Safety Updates on Visiting Egypt During the Hamas-Israel War

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